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City Staff

City Administration

City Hall   816-539-2148
    816-930-3260 (KC Metro line)
    816-930-3260 (Fax)
City Administrator Joe Trotter 816-539-2148
City Hall Staff

City Clerk/Finance/Budget Lisa Read 816-539-2148
Utility Billing/Accounts Rec. Cindy Fulk 816-539-2148
Planning, Building & Zoning

Building Inspector Jerry Hopkins 816-539-2148
Municipal Court

Court Clerk Mickey Streeter 816-539-2148
 Judge Jared Welch  816-539-2148
 Pros. Attorney Jason Watkins 816-539-2148
Police Department

Chief of Police Larry Jackson 816-539-2148
 Sergant Lamont Tatum  816-539-2148
Public Works

Director of Public Works Justin Hartzell 816-539-2341
 Gas Dept.  Paul Read 816-539-2341
Waste Water Plant Ron Gorham 816-539-3696
Water Treatment Plant Jeremy Zimmerman  816-357-2312